Why It’s Better to Receive than Give
25 Oct 2012

Why It’s Better to Receive than Give


If you ever feel guilty about receiving what a man offers, you’ll love seeing today’s video.


Let’s face it.

We all want a generous, protective, cherishing man.  Someone who treats us like a goddess and makes us feel beautiful and special.

The problem is, it can feel awkward when you finally meet a man who lavishes you with gifts and dinners and treats. (Oh my!)

Recieving his goodies can make you feel vulnerable and indebted instead of comfortable and good.

Today’s video goes right to the heart of why a man enjoys spoiling you and why it’s sooooo important you receive well what he offers.

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P.S.  If you meet a man who treats you like a queen, yet feel guilty when he spoils you, you must see this!  Enjoy.

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Cherry Norris



Cherry Norris

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