12 Feb 2012

What’s The Biggest Issue You Face in Your Relationship?


Hi Friends,

Arielle and Claire here and welcome to our Art Of Love blog!

This is a new community we’ve created so that we can connect with you and explore the art of attracting and sustaining long-term, conscious, committed partnerships. And of course we also look forward to sharing wonderful tips on how to keep the passion alive and the flame burning through countless nights of lasting love  :)

We recently reached out to our Soulmate Secret and Calling in “The One” Communities and asked them the BIG question of what’s holding them back from finding and connecting with their Soulmate.

The results were astounding (see below for more detail), and we are so grateful for the amazing responses everyone shared with us.

We realize that there are a lot of you who have already found love and are currently in committed relationships. Some of you might be in long-term relationships, while others have recently entered into a new relationship.

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 30 years or a few months, we know that the work doesn’t end when you find your partner.

In many ways, the journey of love is just beginning and while this journey is joyous and fulfilling, it can be challenging and overwhelming at times. If you’re like many people out there, you reach a point in your relationship when the flame starts to fade but we’re here to remind you that this isn’t how your relationship has to be.

Everyone deserves to experience a deep, passionate love that sustains itself over time and we’re both pleased to say that we know this can be true for all of you!

We’ve both been very fortunate to not only figure out how to attract our Soulmates, but we’ve also unlocked some delicious nuggets of wisdom along the way that have helped us to experience the head-in-the-clouds, heart flittering, butterflies-in-our-stomachs type of love each and everyday.

We know it can be challenging to navigate the tides of your relationship and that’s why we want to remind you that you’re not alone on your journey to creating a lasting love that is full of joy and delights.

In fact, we wanted to share some of the most common issues people have recently been sharing with us about what’s holding them back from experiencing the deep love they long for:

  • They feel alone, misunderstood and unsupported. They love their partner and think he/she is the one, but they sometimes feel unappreciated for who they are.
  • Life’s little frustrations, money problems and the daily grind are chipping away at their relationship despite their best efforts to rise against them.
  • The passion and fire are fading away. By the end of the day they feel so tired and don’t have the energy to keep things fresh and alive anymore. They still love their partner but don’t feel like they are IN love.
  • They feel called to a higher purpose and mission in life. They’re experiencing tremendous personal growth and it’s creating a gap between them and their partner.
  • They’re not really sure what happened to their relationship. Somewhere along the way they lost what they had and know they’re just co-existing together.

Do any of these experiences ring true for you, in your relationship?

Please leave any questions or comments below. We want to be here for you and we’d love to hear from you.

With love & hugs,

Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit



Claire Zammit, Ph.D.(c)

Transformative educator, co-creator of Feminine Power, and co-creator of the internationally-acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries.

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