What is your LOVE LIFE worth?
14 Dec 2012

What is your LOVE LIFE worth?

No one ever balks when it comes to spending money on an education, proper work attire, a vacation or a great pair of shoes. And yet, you don’t often see singles making an investment in their love life. There is a pervasive belief that it should just “happen” naturally and not require any really effort or money.

Here’s what I know for sure: The happily married soulmate couples I know didn’t just “get lucky.” Most of them invested in their own personal growth.

They worked on themselves via therapy, coaches, workshops, books and seminars. They studied themselves and they studied “love.” They became experts in their own issues and evolved as individuals. And then, once they met and married their soulmate, they didn’t stop.

They attended couples workshops and read books on how to make a relationship really sing (I can’t name names here but some of the biggest, bestselling authors I know fit into this category).

I am telling you this because if you truly want BIG LOVE, you need to make the investment of time, energy and yes, some times even money.

Here’s a simple analogy: For those of you who love to cook . . . chances are you have more than one cookbook in your kitchen. You are always looking for “new” recipes. And, you don’t expect to always get a recipe right on the first try. You know that sometimes practice makes perfect. It’s like that in love as well.

I believe it is important that you first and foremost make a commitment to yourself to become the best you possible while you also manifest the best possible soulmate for yourself. And, if you don’t have $15 for a book (or $300 for a workshop) there is PLENTY of free information on the web (including right here on the Art of Love community blog!).

So, I encourage you to make an investment in yourself . . . spending your life with your best friend and lover is so worth it!

Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford

P.S. My good friend Katherine Woodward Thomas is teaching the perfect course for you if you are ready to make a beautiful investment in your love life. I encourage you to check out her 18-week course, Love Mastery, here! And get ready for magical BIG love in 2013!!



Arielle Ford

Co-creator & host of The Art of Love Relationship Series, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret and Wabi Sabi Love, as well as the creator of The Soulmate Secret 5-Week Online Course.