17 Oct 2012

Online Dating: Which Photo Should I Use?

9/15 SATURDAY MORNING It’s 7:52am and I can’t wait to go in for our Man Magnet photo shoot day. Lauren* has lined up a team of hair stylists & makeup artists for us. Photographer Geoff Moore will be snapping the pics. I’ve glanced at his website before going in and it’s filled with gorgeous images. I’m no model, but I can play one for a...

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16 Oct 2012

You’re Stronger than You Think

When many people think about love, they may not think that being strong has a lot to do with it. But it does. Or maybe they do think of strength, but in the sense of being strong and protecting yourself from being hurt. The walls that are built to protect are the same walls that keep one from feeling their true feelings. I understand why...

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15 Oct 2012

Sex and the Single Girl (or Guy)

  There are countless reasons why we might fall into bed with an Ex-lover . . . often it’s the easiest and fastest route to a quick hookup. But unless a miracle has occurred, and your Ex has suddenly become your perfect right partner, having sex with your Ex is a mistake. Even if you’ve convinced yourself that you and your Ex are now simply...

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14 Oct 2012

Dating: Shopping For My Man Magnet Make-Over (Part Three)

9/14 FRIDAY EVENING. In the evening, nestled in a suite at Mr. C’s, we get down to business. Sitting in a circle, lounging on white leather sofas and Eames chairs, all are feeling tired, but glamorous. We are asked to share a bit about who we are, what our romantic history is and why we have decided to take part in the Man Magnet Makeover...

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13 Oct 2012

Dating: Shopping For My Man Magnet Make-Over (Part Two)

9/14 FRIDAY AFTERNOON. It is now coming up on 3pm, so Lauren’s* announcement that we are taking a break from shopping for something to eat is met with poorly muffled, weary cries of glee from me and my fellow Man Magnet-inas. At Buddha’s Belly, I plow into my fried rice as quickly as my below-average chopstick skills allow. The chit chat around the table stays...

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12 Oct 2012

Soulmate Couples Share Big Love

  Soulmate love heals people while it stamps out loneliness and brings so much more happiness. Soulmate couples have a secret they rarely speak about: they feel fortunate to no longer have to search for true love because they are living it every day. They realize how blessed they are to be spending their days in the embrace of their best friend, lover, and sacred...

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11 Oct 2012

Handling Money Struggles

  Katie and I have had literally thousands of conversations about money, due to the fact that more people come in for coaching about money in their relationships than for sex, parenting or other big issues. In the early days of our own relationship we struggled a lot with money, so we’ve had our share of personal conversations about it, too. Once we figured out...

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09 Oct 2012

The Most Important Question of the Day

I have a very important question for you. But first: Have you ever been in love? Or is there someone in your life right now whom you love dearly? Great. Can you summon the feeling of what that’s like? Feels great, doesn’t it. Most of all, I’d like you to think about the kind of nice things you’d be willing to do for this person...

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08 Oct 2012

Stop Looking For Love (. . . And Start Being Available For Love To Find You) — Part Two

  A few days ago I wrote about the most critical piece to manifestation (you can read that post here, if you missed it). What if I told you that it’s not your job to know HOW your Soulmate is going to appear? What if I told you it’s only your job to be ready, willing and open to love. Think about it this way:...

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