17 Sep 2012

Manifesting Love by Collaborating with the Divine

Today I want to invite you to merge your human physical self with your cosmic consciousness as you allow yourself to truly know that you are not alone, that the Divine is a force for good in your life, supporting and nurturing your dreams and desires. Many of us claim that we believe in God, angels, miracles and Divine forces and yet often we live as if we are really all alone here on Earth, struggling to do our best . . . forgetting that we are also truly spiritual beings that are loved and supported by that which we call our higher power - God, Goddess, or whatever name is most comfortable for you. Just for now, lets call this force “the Divine.” Whether you see this as your higher self, a particular deity, angels, guides, ancestors or whatever, what is important is that you remember that you can call upon the Divine for assistance. When I am in the manifestation process, I incorporate prayer, meditation, journaling and feelingizations as a way to connect to both my own soul and the Divine. When I was seeking my Soulmate, I wrote myself a very short manifestation prayer that I said each day. I’d like to share it with you now: God/Goddess and All That Is... Read More...

16 Sep 2012

How to Stop Repeating Past Mistakes in Love

When you finally make a commitment to call in “The One,” an extraordinary sense of possibility begins to open up . . . You feel filled with an exciting sense of anticipation and hope. You just know something wonderful is about to happen . . . Yet, paradoxically, you may also find yourself somewhat consumed by unwanted fears and doubts, as well, and I want...

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12 Sep 2012

Why Haven’t You Found Love? The Answer Is . . .

If you’re like most single people I know, you may have been looking for “The One” for what might seem by now to be a very, very long time. You may have done everything you can think of to try to meet a conscious, caring person like yourself . . . someone who is doing something big with their life, who has a vision, as...

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11 Sep 2012

Questions of the Heart: Ask an Art of Love Expert!

  Hello Arielle, I have a question for you I am hoping you can clarify.  I have placed my order with the Universe for a Soulmate. I’ve noticed that many people manifest in different time frames, some very fast, while others take a long time.  It’s been more than a year since I placed my order and my Soulmate has still not arrived.  Does this...

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10 Sep 2012

Finding Love Again Over 40

  If you find yourself single again and over the age of 40, finding new love may seem like a daunting task. I remember when we were kids, looking at single people over 40 and thinking their chances for love were long gone. That they were over the hill, doomed to be spinsters or bachelors for the remainder of their years. Not any more! Studies...

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08 Sep 2012

Say Yes to Love in the Face of Your Fear

  Sometimes it takes immense, raw courage to open yourself to love. The fairy tales and movies make it look so easy but warriors of the heart who have lost love, or even won love before, know the uncomfortable truth: Saying a wholehearted “Yes” to the vulnerabilities inherent to the journey of opening yourself to the possibility of authentic love can be a little overwhelming....

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04 Sep 2012

Why It’s Never Too Late for LOVE

  Wendy walked over to me with a big smile and a warm hug, and instantly a stranger became a new friend. We were standing in the lobby of a hotel getting ready to attend a marketing conference. This kind, attractive, middle-aged woman quickly told me she was “hoping” she might get lucky and find love again, even though she still carried a torch for...

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28 Aug 2012

Cut the Cord or Try Again?

  Here’s the scenario: The phone rings, just a few short weeks after you finally stopped hoping it would be HIM every time you picked up the receiver. Yet this time, on the other end of the line, you hear that familiar voice, the one that sent you over the edge just six months before when he said he loved you but wasn’t ready for...

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27 Aug 2012

Manifesting Love: What I Know for Sure

Finding a healthy balance between intending and allowing, between doing and being, is an important piece of the puzzle to manifesting a Soulmate. Those that have successfully magnetized “The One,” did the necessary work: they made Soulmate lists, they cleaned up the emotional baggage still lingering from past relationships, and they made space for their beloved’s presence in every area of their lives. But they...

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23 Jul 2012

A Little Soulmate Prayer to Help You Attract Big Love

I became a big believer in the power of prayer one day, twenty years ago, when I was a novice on the ski slope. After sliding off the chair lift, I turned left and headed over to a run that I thought was an “easy blue.”  Within seconds I realized I was headed down a run that was filled with mogul hills and nothing about...

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