Looking For Love in the Strangest of Places…
26 Oct 2012

Looking For Love in the Strangest of Places…

Whether you’re in a relationship and love has died or you’ve been looking for love and up until now haven’t found “the one,” it can feel pretty frustrating.

In fact, you can get down-right cynical about love…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can start looking for love in the strangest of places.

In saying this, we don’t mean getting out your binoculars and searching for “the one” or searching dating sites if you’re already in a relationship.

We mean looking for examples of love wherever you are so that you’re focusing on what you WANT rather than what you don’t want.

Like Joan…

Joan was at the theater with friends and a few rows down, she saw a couple with their heads together, laughing and talking. They seemed so in love and instead of being jealous, she told herself, “That’s for me.” It wasn’t too long after that that she did find her beloved and she was convinced that it was because she kept affirming what she wanted by finding examples of it wherever she went.

And like Heather…

Heather had been single for a few years after her divorce and hadn’t found anyone special yet. When her walking partner fell in love and talked about it constantly while they walked, instead of being jealous as she had been in the past, Heather listened to what appealed to her in her walking partner’s descriptions. Heather found that she was truly excited for her friend and also about the possibilities of love for herself.

If you’ve been looking for love and don’t have what you want yet, here are a few ideas for you to play with…

Walk through your day with “curious” eyes.

As you go through your day, whether you’re at the bank, the library, walking down the street, at the office or the grocery store, adopt an attitude of curiosity.

Look for examples of love that you want to experience in a love relationship—and it can come from anyone.

Notice the smiles of strangers and notice acts of kindness and courtesy.

Notice when two people look in each other’s eyes with love or do something so absolutely romantic that it excites you.

Feel the warmth of these instances in your body.

As you notice these examples of love, don’t rush off to do whatever it is that you’re doing but take a moment to savor the “good” feeling—whether the smile, act of kindness or romance was meant for you or not.

Take in those positive feelings and actually feel yourself relaxing and glowing from the inside.

Treat others in your life the way you want to be treated by an intimate partner.

In other words, practice demonstrations of love with the people who are already in your life. Of course you’ll want these demonstrations of love to be appropriate to the person and situation but you’ll be surprised what can happen if you start practicing being the kind of love that you want to draw into your life.

Our advice–look for examples in your everyday life, even in the strangest of places, and when you find them celebrate and affirm that that’s what YOU want also. Take them in and then practice spreading what you’ve learned with the people in your life.

While we can’t guarantee that “the one” will immediately find you if you practice our ideas, what we can say is that you’ll be in a much better position to attract and recognize him or her when it does happen.

Susie and Otto Collins



Susie and Otto Collins

Relationship coaches and soulmates, creators of Spark Alive 365, and authors of Magic Relationship Words, Stop Talking On Eggshells and others.