Opening to Love

09 Oct 2012

The Most Important Question of the Day

I have a very important question for you. But first: Have you ever been in love? Or is there someone in your life right now whom you love dearly? Great. Can you summon the feeling of what that’s like? Feels great, doesn’t it. Most of all, I’d like you to think about the kind of nice things you’d be willing to do for this person...

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08 Oct 2012

Stop Looking For Love (. . . And Start Being Available For Love To Find You) — Part Two

  A few days ago I wrote about the most critical piece to manifestation (you can read that post here, if you missed it). What if I told you that it’s not your job to know HOW your Soulmate is going to appear? What if I told you it’s only your job to be ready, willing and open to love. Think about it this way:...

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05 Oct 2012

Dating: Can I Be Myself and “Look The Part”?

THURSDAY: My appointment is at 9:40pm at the Portofino Sun Spa in the heart of Beverly Hills. At 9pm, after a frenetic day of work plus two hours entertaining, corralling and feeding my neighbor’s 3 and 4 year-old children (a favor I like to offer so their parents can enjoy a rare date night), I can think of nothing more hellish than driving to Beverly...

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04 Oct 2012

Stop Looking For Love (. . . And Start Being Available For Love To Find You) — Part One

  Shopping online for clothes, books, electronics, and just about anything you can consume, is perfectly normal these days; and yet unfortunately, many singles have somehow applied a “shopping mentality” to how they look for love. While it’s great to know what your heart desires in terms of manifesting a Soulmate, your approach and attitude will determine the outcome. Are you ready and available to...

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02 Oct 2012

Get the Most from Your Single Days

  If you’ve been without a partner for a long time now, living the single life (you know, sleeping in the middle of the bed, falling asleep with the TV on, taking up all the space on the counter of the bathroom), then I’m here to tell you, “Don’t despair!” These single years can be an extraordinary time of growth, where you can come home...

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24 Sep 2012

Have More Pleasure, Feel More Love

  Whether you’re single or blissfully in a relationship, or somewhere in between, there is always room in life for more love on every level. Activating and creating more loving and pleasurable feelings is something we can take steps to create in each and every moment. But how do you add more love, and more pleasure, to your life? Here’s how: When you want to...

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21 Sep 2012

How to Make Your Vision of Love Into Your Reality

The vision of love fulfilled that dances in your heart as a sweet sense of anticipation and possibility is what begins to cast a magic spell upon the energies of Life, and starts beckoning that future into existence. The pleasant, purring “yum yum yum” of what it will be like when your beloved shows up in your life is what begins to move mountains, and...

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19 Sep 2012

Dating: Getting Back On the Path to Love

Hello, beautiful Art of Love community.  I’m Khristina.  39 years old, perpetually single . . . and, like so many of you, determined to do something about it. Mind you, I don’t dislike my life. In fact, I feel blessed in many ways.  I have great family, friends, and colleagues. But I have to say it’s been a bit . . . dry in the...

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08 Sep 2012

Say Yes to Love in the Face of Your Fear

  Sometimes it takes immense, raw courage to open yourself to love. The fairy tales and movies make it look so easy but warriors of the heart who have lost love, or even won love before, know the uncomfortable truth: Saying a wholehearted “Yes” to the vulnerabilities inherent to the journey of opening yourself to the possibility of authentic love can be a little overwhelming....

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