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05 Oct 2012

Dating: Can I Be Myself and “Look The Part”?

THURSDAY: My appointment is at 9:40pm at the Portofino Sun Spa in the heart of Beverly Hills. At 9pm, after a frenetic day of work plus two hours entertaining, corralling and feeding my neighbor’s 3 and 4 year-old children (a favor I like to offer so their parents can enjoy a rare date night), I can think of nothing more hellish than driving to Beverly...

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04 Oct 2012

Stop Looking For Love (. . . And Start Being Available For Love To Find You) — Part One

  Shopping online for clothes, books, electronics, and just about anything you can consume, is perfectly normal these days; and yet unfortunately, many singles have somehow applied a “shopping mentality” to how they look for love. While it’s great to know what your heart desires in terms of manifesting a Soulmate, your approach and attitude will determine the outcome. Are you ready and available to...

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03 Oct 2012

Dating: Meeting My Man Magnet Coach

WEDNESDAY EVENING 9/12. When Lauren* calls, I’m pacing in the garden behind my studio apartment, keeping one eye on my nearby laptop in case anything pressing comes up work-wise. It’s silly, but I feel a little nervous. I want to make a good impression on my new coach. It’s our first time speaking and we’ve got a lot to cover. I’ll be doing her Man...

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02 Oct 2012

Get the Most from Your Single Days

  If you’ve been without a partner for a long time now, living the single life (you know, sleeping in the middle of the bed, falling asleep with the TV on, taking up all the space on the counter of the bathroom), then I’m here to tell you, “Don’t despair!” These single years can be an extraordinary time of growth, where you can come home...

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01 Oct 2012

Is Your Wish List Blocking Love?

  My friend Devra Jacobs is a very insightful and talented intuitive/life coach. She recently told me an amazing story about one of her formerly single clients, Cathy, who she describes as a real “princess-type” from New York City. Well-educated and with a high-paying career, Cathy demanded that her dates take her to the best restaurants, buy her expensive gifts, and she even insisted on...

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27 Sep 2012

Dating: A Cry for Help… Answered!

 Well this is exciting. You see, I told Arielle that I am determined to invite love into my life, to manifest a partner, a soulmate, a lover, a husband.  And since she is such a believer in Big Love ( . . . or maybe because she read my last post and quickly surmised that I was gonna need a massive boost if I was...

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25 Sep 2012

Dating: Time to Get Back Out There?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? If you read my previous post, you know that I am 39, single, have been for quite some time, and am challenging myself to turn that reality around. I want this autumn to be the start of a long, joyous season of love for me, and I’m willing to work for it! I’m honestly not sure where the...

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21 Sep 2012

How to Make Your Vision of Love Into Your Reality

The vision of love fulfilled that dances in your heart as a sweet sense of anticipation and possibility is what begins to cast a magic spell upon the energies of Life, and starts beckoning that future into existence. The pleasant, purring “yum yum yum” of what it will be like when your beloved shows up in your life is what begins to move mountains, and...

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19 Sep 2012

Dating: Getting Back On the Path to Love

Hello, beautiful Art of Love community.  I’m Khristina.  39 years old, perpetually single . . . and, like so many of you, determined to do something about it. Mind you, I don’t dislike my life. In fact, I feel blessed in many ways.  I have great family, friends, and colleagues. But I have to say it’s been a bit . . . dry in the...

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17 Sep 2012

Manifesting Love by Collaborating with the Divine

Today I want to invite you to merge your human physical self with your cosmic consciousness as you allow yourself to truly know that you are not alone, that the Divine is a force for good in your life, supporting and nurturing your dreams and desires. Many of us claim that we believe in God, angels, miracles and Divine forces and yet often we live as if we are really all alone here on Earth, struggling to do our best . . . forgetting that we are also truly spiritual beings that are loved and supported by that which we call our higher power - God, Goddess, or whatever name is most comfortable for you. Just for now, lets call this force “the Divine.” Whether you see this as your higher self, a particular deity, angels, guides, ancestors or whatever, what is important is that you remember that you can call upon the Divine for assistance. When I am in the manifestation process, I incorporate prayer, meditation, journaling and feelingizations as a way to connect to both my own soul and the Divine. When I was seeking my Soulmate, I wrote myself a very short manifestation prayer that I said each day. I’d like to share it with you now: God/Goddess and All That Is... Read More...

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